Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bella's Special Day

So today was Bella's first birthday! She has grown up so fast I can't believe she is not a puppy anymore. I wanted to plan a party but with Gerrit just getting home late last night it wasn't going to happen. So instead we took her to PetSmart where she got to pick out a bone and a new collar. Here is a run through of our last year with Bella! Bringing her home from the Breeder.
First time to Tahoe in the snow. Christmas 2006 And then she grew to this size almost overnight She loves the boat and jumps right into the chilly waters of Tahoe Bella is a great hiker and loves wearing her backpack! Happy Birthday Bella!

Friday, September 21, 2007

No longer a virgin

Blogger that is. So for my first post this is going to be pretty lame. Just like my friday night, sitting at home with my dog creating a blog. Woohoooo, I can get crazy. And don't forget doing laundry. But I guess that's not a surprise, since Gerrit says I do laundry 24-7. Why he would complain about something like that boggles my mind. Really, is there an issue with having clean under roo's everyday.

Walking in the footsteps of my great friend Lorissa, here is my first grateful Friday...

I am grateful for...

Going to the Presentation Fall Festival tomorrow morning and buying my pumpkins so I can start decorating the house for Halloween.

Working out early tomorrow and getting it over with for that day.

Bella is turning 1 on Sunday and has turned out to be a great dog. I love her so much!

Gerrit coming home safe from Seattle on Saturday.

Have a good weekend!